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For you all guys who are interested into facebook chat, some of you might not know yet about a litle trick to show facebook smileys other than some listed on their help centre.

They say…

  1. To add emoticons, type the following characters into your message:

    Because we are continuing to add more emoticons to Facebook, please also feel free to test out your own combinations.

taken from : http://www.facebook.com/help.php?hq=chat
chapter : How do I create a smiley and other emoticons in Chat?

Additionally, here are some smileys we can use :

  1. Facebook Smiley

Update :

shark smiley
Shark emoticon: (^^^)

penguin smiley
Penguin emoticon: <(“)

42 smiley
42 emotion: :42:

Kindly proceed to this link below for more..
Facebook Smiley Code

Enjoy chatting on your facebook 😉

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  1. 21
    marian Says:

    i like smileys
    i like <3 smiley
    hi i am MARIAN and i love
    smiley or smileys

  2. 22
    anita Says:

    hát elég sz*r az élet de én mindig gonosz voltam 3:)

  3. 23
    Marjet Steenkamp Says:

    I can have more fun at Facebook now !!

    Xx Marjet

  4. 24
    Zulma Kasmarek Says:

    We so appreciate your website post. You will find a multitude of tactics we could put it to very good use by using minimum effort in time and hard earned money. Thank you really pertaining to helping make this post respond to many issues we have got before now.

  5. 25
    johanne Says:

    how do you make the pukesmiley ?

  6. 26
    iyan fazriansyah Says:


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