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How To Find Facebook ID

Posted by: Joy CrazyDaVinci  :  Category: Facebook Tips and Trick

Facebook LogoWhat is facebook ID? it’s a unique number identifying a facebook profile, facebook groups or fan pages. As you can see from other facebook profile, here’s an example for Facebook Bold Text profile URL :

See the url above, 139701732734451 is the facebook id. we will discuss about how to get the id. Below are some javascript address bar tricks you can use to find facebook id. You can get your own facebook id, your friends facebook id, or facebook groups/fan pages id programmatically.

To find your own facebook id, simply put this code on the address bar then press enter : Read more

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Setup Windows XP From USB Flash Disk

Posted by: Joy CrazyDaVinci  :  Category: Hardware & Software

USB Flash Disk Last week, one of my friends asked me to reinstall his netbook using genuine Windows XP with SP3 on it. The problem is, it doesnt have any cd/dvd drive, external nor internal. So, i tried to install it from USB flash disk and it worked like a charm. Now, i’m gonna show you how to make that bootable Windows XP Installation USB Disk. You will need some tools to make this happen, they are : USB_PREP8, PeToUSB, and Bootsect.exe

I have already packed these applications into one downloadable archive. You can download them HERE. After downloading the file, extract all the files into one directory on your computer, then, follow these instructions bellow carrefuly : Read more

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